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Interactive video editor

We have utilised our proprietary technology to create interactive video editor we called Deligic. The tool allows to make a sketch of a non-linear story in an easy visual way using web browser only. And then to build full-featured interactive movie by using different types of interactions.

Below you can play with some example movies from test version of Deligic.

Customizable interactions

alternative scenes and endings use return interactions and change decisions video looping as time to interact default interactions based on previous decisions

The editor offers various types of interactions. Player may wait for viewer's decision or go forward after a period of time. Interactions may be in a form of buttons, clickable shapaes, text fields or images. Using the editor it is easy to create video loops while the player is wainting for decisions. You may also add interactions to external content like websites or documents. The player supports multicamera video where a viewer may switch between cameras in any time. It is possible for decisions that character has to make to depend on previous choices.

Multimedia playbeck

video and audio files digital image files pdf documents video 360 panoramas

The player can use multiple media formats - not only video and audio files but also images, websites or PDF documents including web forms and surveys as HTML content. It also allows to play back video 360 panoramas where a viewer may freely change viewing area. You may add subtitles in multiple languages to your movie.

Web and mobile publishing

works in web browsers works for Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices plays back videos from YouTube plays back videos from Vimeo

Interactive video is now fully available for web browsers and mobile devices. Author may embedd the player on any web page and attach custom layout. It is also possible to include gaming elements through interactions, so viewers can gather points, gain achievements or discover secret scenes. In the editor an author may use clips from YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting services.

Interactive clouds

interactive video hosting interactive video for the web interactive video encoding runtime interactive video analytics

Deligic editor is also tool for encoding interactive video formats. Video processing units creates HTML5 video files based on H.264 and WebM standards. The player servers video in multiple qualitys depending on viewer's device processing power and network banwidth. Player also allow to playback audio background and music separatelty form video with interactions. Moreover it records data on viewer's decisions. It measures their behavior and time of reaction. This data is then processed which gives an opportunity to analyse preferences and level of engagement in real time.

Want to create your own interactive movie?

You do not know where to start your own interactive movie project? „Smoking Kills” was prepared using dedicated software. The same one which we provide as an online service Deligic. The interactive novel „Suffering. King. Pinscher.” is built in non-linear story editor BookEngine.

Interactive video editor

Interactive video editor

Deligic is interactive video editor for web browsers. It allows builing interactive movies without programming. „Smoking Kills” is a film fully built in Deligic service.

Interactive video services

Interactive video services

InventCore Company provides multimedia software for development of an interactive video and solutions supporting application of multimedia in business.

Interactive novel editor

Interactive novel editor

KsiążkoSilnik is an interactive novel editor and publisher (english version coming soon as BookEngine). The interactive novel „Suffering. King. Pinscher.” is built in BookEngine's editor.