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Interactive Movie

"Smoking Kills" is an interactive feature film. A combination of black comedy, horror and computer game. An awkward meeting of conflicted marriage unexpectedly turns into a true nightmare. The story depends on your decisions. Become Stan and try to find your good ending of the story. Every character can die or stay alive - including You. If you have not made a choice Stan will act based on yours all previous decisions.

To achieve the best playback experience we highly recommend to watch the film in web browsers as

Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

Click at interactive areas

As you watch select bloody-red areas which represent main character's decisions

Fullscreen mode

You may watch the film in browser's fullscreen mode

4 video quality levels

Set video quality in the player's top-right corner

Set sound volume

Set sound volume in the player's bottom-right corner

English subtitles available

The movie contains subtitles in engish and polish versions

Check how your friends will play. Share the movie!

Want to create your own interactive movie?

You do not know where to start your own interactive movie project? „Smoking Kills” was prepared using dedicated software. The same one which we provide as an online service Deligic. The interactive novel „Suffering. King. Pinscher.” is built in non-linear story editor BookEngine.

Interactive video editor

Interactive video editor

Deligic is interactive video editor for web browsers. It allows builing interactive movies without programming. „Smoking Kills” is a film fully built in Deligic service.

Interactive video services

Interactive video services

InventCore Company provides multimedia software for development of an interactive video and solutions supporting application of multimedia in business.

Interactive novel editor

Interactive novel editor

KsiążkoSilnik is an interactive novel editor and publisher (english version coming soon as BookEngine). The interactive novel „Suffering. King. Pinscher.” is built in BookEngine's editor.


Piotr Dylewski

Film director

Filmmaker, psychologist, video advertising specialist, connoisseur of cinema and art of motion picture. Fan of thrillers and dark comedies. In spare time trains boxing.

Łukasz Gutowski

Interactive screenwriter

Screenwriter and an interactive storytelling author better known as Gustaw. Expert in choreography of fight scenes with incredible acrobatic skills. Author of numerous story concepts and novels.

Adam Walkowski

Digital Producer

Programmer specialized in multimedia systems, independent filmmaker, web developer. Technical producer of creative projects. Interested in perception enhancing technologies and interactive narrattion methods.

Konrad Wasilewski

Director of Photography

Camera operator, film vision engineer, photographer. He never parts with his camera. Fan of long talks late in the night with a glass of good wine.

Tomasz Tretkowski

Technological Lead

Programmer experienced in developing client-facing web applications, back-end systems as well as designing data integration and analysis processes. Likes solving problems as simple and clear as possible way.